Paul Bowers’ Winter Garden history

21 01 2012
Winter Garden Theatre in 1911

Winter Garden Theatre in 1911

Excerpts from article “The Winter Garden, Al Jolson and the Shuberts”, by Paul A. Bowers

“The New York Times remarked, “New York’s latest plaything, is a very flashy toy, full of life and go and color, and with no end of jingle to it.”  With a capacity of over 1500 seats, the new Winter Garden became the Shubert’s largest theatrical house.

“Although the Winter Garden was impressive, it wasn’t just the structure that captured the American imagination. The theatre’s very first production featured Broadway newcomer Al Jolson. From that point on, much of the early Winter Garden history paralleled his spectacular ascent in American show business. The next seventeen years would find Al Jolson, the Shuberts, and the Winter Garden inextricably linked.”

(Download entire article )



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