Kenny Davern and Bob Wilber “You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Yet!” (2000) sampler

Medley 1 (30 min.)

Medley 2 (30 min.)

Medley 3 (30 min.)

A Salute from Veterans of WW II

Radio interview for “The Jolson Story

Al Jolson Christmas show

Brenda Lee sings Al Jolson songs

Kraft Music Hall broadcasts (1)
Kraft Music Hall broadcasts (2)

3 responses

13 06 2012

Eddie Fisher did a great Jolson medley in his nightclub act for many years. He even sang Sonny Boy without a mike, the Jolson did it originally. He could do it too, since he had a great voice.

22 09 2012
Thomas Burke

I heard parks on late night tv in the1950s at age 7 thru 11 and fell in love with the sound then R & R came. Now I’m lessining to the real thing. If you live long enought all things come fount. Tom

28 12 2012

Jolson was called the World’s Greatest Entertainer. Today, over 60 years after his death, no one has come along to replace him. Thank you for creating a website that let’s folks today know about this superstar!

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