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14 01 2011
richard nicoletti

there was nothing like him. You can’t teach that. It was a gift, and he used it constantly for 40 years.

8 04 2012

“The World’s Greatest Entertainer” The ability to hold an audience in his hand and leave them wanting more,more,more.

29 08 2012
Raymond Rhodes

There will never be a singer in the same class as Al Jolson, Gods gift to Mankind

29 08 2012
Raymond Rhodes

He was a one off,

7 04 2013
Jimmie O'Leary

He was great before my time but when I saw “The Jolson Story” I fell in love with his voice and to this day when the movie comes on TV, I use my DVR, tape it and now I have it K (keep) so I can watch it as often as I want – sometimes that’s daily. He truly was the “Greatest Entertainer”. I hope he and his music is never forgotten.

25 10 2020

I live Jolson, I live large without being arrogant. I want my audience/congregation to come away inspired and filled with a God connection.

13 05 2013

ive been a jolson fan since 1946 im a member of the al jolson society im now eighty years old and jolson is still the best

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